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Anti-Spam Policy

The Pure Reach Opt-in E-mail Marketing tool is not a tool for spammers to distribute unsolicited advertisements. Pure Reach is for companies doing permission based marketing to individuals that have specifically requested to receive information via e-mail. Customers of Pure Reach agree to abide by our Anti-Spam Policy when using our software.

Definition of SPAM
Unsolicited e-mail sent to a large number of addresses.

Originating and Reply To E-mail Address
Users of Pure Reach must supply a valid e-mail address for recipients to reply to for questions or request for removal.

Deceptive Subject Lines
Customers using Pure Reach to send e-mail shall not use misleading subject lines.

Opt-Out Method
At the bottom of every message generated from Pure Reach are Opt-out instructions for the recipient. If the recipient would rather reply to be removed, our customers should manually remove/delete the member from their list.

Opt-In Method
Members of our customers lists shall become a member by subscribing to the list via a web site, request the company to add their e-mail to the list, or have a preexisting relationship with the company.

List Uploading
Users of Pure Reach can upload existing e-mail lists, but the upload will be done by us. The list must be an opt-in list to the company and cannot be a purchased list of any kind.

Federal Trade Commission CAN-SPAM Law
Users of Pure Reach must review the spam laws provided on the FTC web site at www.ftc.gov/spam.

Account Cancellation
We have the right to deny access to a users account if they do not follow our anti-spam policy.

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Pure Reach is NOT a tool for spammers. We maintain an anti-spam policy. read more

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