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Privacy Policy

The information below describes the Privacy Policy that we maintain for the Pure Reach software, customers, and subscribers.

Security & Privacy
We take every measure to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information stored in the Pure Reach database. We store all customer and subscriber data in a secure database. If we request sensitive information, such as credit card information, employer identification number, or other information, we will use encrypted technology to safeguard this data.

We do not give out user names or passwords to people that do not have the proper clearance to receive, or request, this information.

We adhere, and our customers agree to adhere, to an anti-spam policy. Recipients of e-mail generated by the Pure Reach software are marketed to by our customers requesting their permission to send e-mail distributions. See the Pure Reach Anti-Spam policy for what defines Spam and unsolicited e-mail.

Subscribers (members) to lists that our customers maintain have the opportunity to opt-out, or unsubscribe, by following the instructions at the bottom of every e-mail distribution. We do not keep archives of members that have removed themselves from e-mail lists.

Software Ownership
The Pure Reach software is accessible to our customers with a monthly fee. The customers that use Pure Reach do not own the software, nor do they have any right to the source code of the Pure Reach software. Pure Reach acts as an Application Service Provider.

List/Member Ownership
Ownership of the data in a customer account is the property of that customer. Pure Reach holds no rights to the data that is held in a customer account. If an account is paid up to date and the customer would like the list from their account, we will supply the data in a spreadsheet format for the customer.

Pure Reach reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy at any time, without notice.

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