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What is opt-in e-mail marketing?
Web Site visitors, customers, and other associates want to hear more from your business in the form of e-mail. Interested persons can "opt-in" (or "subscribe"), to the newsletter or promotional offerings from your company. Opt-in e-mail marketing is permission based, so only those who ask to receive the e-mail will get them.

How do people opt-in/subscribe?
When a visitor to your Web Site wants to join your distribution, they simply fill out the form on your Web Site. The information that the site visitor provides is taken and put into your Pure Reach database. A lot of information can be asked for when the person is signing up - Pure Reach can hold name, address, city, state, zip code, company name, phone number, and several different option fields that can be customized for data collection.

Can subscribers remove themselves?
At the bottom of every e-mail sent from Pure Reach are opt-out instructions. Pure Reach customers can also remove recipeints from the distributions by performing a search from the Pure Reach control panel. Since Pure Reach lists are created as opt-in, it is only natural for subscribers to also have the chance to remove themselves if they no longer want to receive information.

How much does Pure Reach cost?
Use of the Pure Reach software starts at $20 per month. The price per month tiers up with the number of subscribers/members in an account. See the pricing page for a breakdown of levels.

Do I have to install any software on my computer?
No. Pure Reach is a web based application, so no software installation is needed on your PC - other than Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+.

Why shouldn't I just use my current e-mail program on my computer?
There are several problems with using the e-mail client on your computer (Outlook, Eudora, etc.). When people subscribe to your list, you have to manually enter the information into your e-mail program - this can take quite a bit of time. As your list grows, you will have many extra names and/or addresses in your contacts that you don't need, thus making it more difficult to find the contacts you want in your address book. Also, when you sent to a large group of people from an e-mail client, you have to use the BCC feature - this takes the personalization out of the message you are sending. Pure Reach sends to each subscriber individually.

Pure Reach Opt-in E-mail Marketing

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